Parents´ Club

This coming school year the “Parents´Club” of O Castro International British School will begin its journey. The Parents´ Club will be a space to reflect where educational resources and skills will be offered to guide parents in the education of their children.

We believe our “Parents´ Club” will be a meeting point where participation, dialogue and mutual respect are fostered. We believe it will also be a great opportunity to learn. Moreover,educational, recreational and sporting activities will be organised for all those parents who wish to share this time with their children.

Some workshops that could be held over this coming school year 2013 – 2014 include:

  • How to develop our children´s  multiple intelligences at home.
  • Development of personality
  • Self-esteem within the family
  • Emotional Intelligence

A number of activities will be organised, such as:

  • English for parents
  • Spanish for foreigners
  • Relaxation and Yoga (with children)