The Peer Tutoring Programme

The main objective of The Peer Tutoring programme (TEI), which we are pioneering in our community, is to improve school integration and to work towards an inclusive and non-violent school culture, which encourages more satisfactory relationships among peers.

The active participation of peers is a basic and motivating element of the learning process. It has a positive influence on the encouragement of coexistence, the prevention of bullying, class group integration, conflict resolution and difficulties with making friends, etc.

During the last School term of 2012-2013 Y7, Y6 and Y4 students took part in the programme. The older students were trained as tutors for Y4 students so that they would have a mentor to give them support should they need to resolve conflicts that arise with classmates. After some training, they received a diploma and an ID card from the director, which identified them as student tutors.

This year the programme will continue in these classes and be extended to students of Y5, who will become tutors of Y3 students. This means that all students between Y3 and Y7 will take part in the programme. Our objectives this year will be: to increase student training in Y7, Y6 and Y5 on the topic of conflict resolution, to enable regular contact between tutors and tutees and to involve parents and teachers more directly in the Peer Tutoring Programme.

The concept of Peer Tutoring has been developed by the psychologist Andrés González Bellido. In this video you will find a summary of the programme ‘Crónicas’ broadcast on TVE2, in which the author explains the Peer Tutoring Programme.

At the beginning of November 2013 we were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Andrés González Bellido, who carried out a day of training with student tutors from Y7, Y6 and Y5.