“Uke and the Leles” – O Castro Ukulele Band

On Tuesday, May 19th, the O Castro Ukulele Band played their first big concert, an outreach concert at Doralresidencias , a nursing home near the school. It was a joyful experience, both for the audience and the young performers. We had prepared a generous half hour programme, but the audience demanded two encores!

Afterwards, John, the Doral Music Therapist joined us on stage leading the residents in singing a Galician medley, then he improvised with us on his accordion as we played You are my Sunshine.

The younger disabled residents asked to come up on stage to thank us and have a photo taken together. Some of the older residents who had lived in England, congratulated us in English. The staff at Doral Residencias then had a surprise snack on offer for the ukulele players before they headed back to school.

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