Secondary Education in O Castro British School

The first session of Parentschool in O Castro British School took place this afternoon. David Martínez, O Castro British School Chair of Governor, gave a talk entitled “El reto del futuro: el colegio que somos y seremos” (The challenge of the future: the school we are and the school we will be). With these sessions, O Castro British School wants to face the new stage of the school, which started the current academic year, due to the addition of secondary education.

This series of talks consists of two more talks. The second talk is given by Maria Guyre, Head of Admissions, and Loli Pazos, Head of the Guidance Department. It will cover issues related to the next academic stage of our students and access to higher education with the British Curriculum. The third talk will be given by teachers and by O Castro British School Head Teacher, Nathan Parry.

In the next days, it will be possible to watch the video of today’s talk in the Downloads section of our website.


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