O Castro British School Emotional Tribute to Beloved Colleagues

Last Saturday, O Castro British School paid an emotional tribute to our beloved colleagues, Margarita Cal, Spanish teacher, and Eva Casal, Chef Manager, during a farewell event at our school in Mos. This event brought together more than a hundred people, among colleagues, teachers, students, relatives and friends. O Castro British School wants to keep these exceptional women alive in our memories. Their commitment, dedication, hard work and love have left an indelible mark on the hearts of all the members of our educational community. In memoriam Margarita Cal – Eva Casal _DSC0626 _DSC0638 _DSC0644 _DSC0656 _DSC0657 _DSC0662 _DSC0666 _DSC0668 _DSC0680 _DSC0686 _DSC0699 _DSC0703 _DSC0708 _DSC0710