Learning Resources Centre

The OCIS Learning Resources Centre is at the heart of supporting pupil´s independent learning and gives them access to a wealth of information. The mission of the OCIS Learning Resources Centre is to provide all our pupils with resources and opportunities to learn and achieve academic success. They can borrow a range of exciting and up to date books. For pupils who enjoy catching up with the news, we offer a variety of newspapers and magazines linked to the curriculum. OCIS Learning Resources Centre staff support pupils in their use of the resources.
In addition and as a provider of academic support services, the OCIS Learning Resources Centre is an inclusive and supportive learning environment in which pupils can study or receive extra help. We offer a number of services, including tutoring, computer access, study materials, quiet and small group study areas. Tutoring is available in a range of subjects, including reading, writing, Spanish, and mathematics. Technology assistance is also provided in the OCIS Learning Resources Centre Open Computer Lab.
The OCIS Learning Resources Centre is open before school, at break, lunchtime and after school for a variety of activities. Pupils are welcome to come and read, borrow or return books, do homework, find information and use the computers. The Learning Resource Centre Manager and/or a Learning Support Assistant will be there to help you.
(All school rules and regulations apply at the OCIS LRC)