Year 2 visits Peinador Airport

Our Year 2 students went on an exciting trip to Peinador airport last week. The aim of the visit, which was organised by... read more

O Castro British School First Surfing Championship

Last week, twenty-one students from O Castro British School took part in the first surfing championship organised by the school. The fog was... read more

Year 10 Discover Some of the Most Charming Landmarks in Portugal

The oldest students in the school said goodbye to the school year with a trip to Portugal. They had the opportunity to discover... read more

Year 9 Visit Madrid

Our Year 9 students have been on a trip to Madrid this week. They have visited the most popular landmarks in the city:... read more

Year 8 Travel to Burgos to Visit the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca

Year 8 went on a fantastic end of year school trip to Burgos in order to discover the archaeological site of Atapuerca. The... read more

KS2 Go Surfing on Patos Beach

Last week, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 were able to enjoy some fun and sunny days at Patos Beach, where they... read more

Walking Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for Year 7

Last weekend, our year 7 students said goodbye to the school year 2016/2017 with an exciting school trip to walk a stretch of... read more

Y5 School Trip to Ribeira Sacra

Our Year 5 students have recently had some leisure and fun days out at Centro de Inmersión Lingüística Os Peares. The linguistic immersion... read more

Year 8 Students Root For CD Amfiv At Opening Match Of Challege Cup

O Castro British School Year 8 students went to Navia Sports Centre in order to root for CD Amfiv at the opening match... read more

Bowling Trip

Year 10 have been working exceptionally hard over the past few months. Since September they have sat over 20 practise exams. Students are... read more