Over 2.000 people meet at O Castro British School’s Science Fair

O Castro British School’s Science Fair registered one more year a record of assistance, with more than 2000 people who went to the... read more

Palaeontology is the main theme in the V Science Week at O Castro British School

Palaeontology has a very strong presence in the Science Week, so we are holding informative talks on the world of palaeontology with the... read more

OCBS takes part in NACE’S III Academic Olimpics

Six Y9 and Y10 students from O Castro British School went last week to St. George´s English School in Bilbao, with our dear... read more

Designing And 3D Printing, Programming And Using Applications: A New Extracurricular Activity For Secondary Students

O Castro British School introduced videogame programming lessons among the range of extracurricular activities last year. This year, we have taken a step... read more

Aloha… Now Also Up To Y4!

In previous years, the extracurricular activity “Aloha”, learning arithmetic by using an abacus, was only aimed at the younger students in the school.... read more

The Science Lab

OCBS Secondary students have been working hard in the science lab. Year 8 were investigating photosynthesis. They were measuring the rate of photosynthesis... read more

O Castro British School participates in the Maths Champions

On 17th February 2017 Year 1 were invited to attend a Maths Champions day at a local school in Vigo. They had lots... read more

Science Takes Over O Castro British School

Once again this year, O Castro British School pays a special tribute to science by celebrating the 4th edition of Science Week. This... read more

Microclimates at O Castro British School

Year 7 have been investigating the variety of microclimates that exist around the grounds of O Castro this week. This form of enquiry... read more

New Workshops for O Castro British School Students

As we announced some days ago, O Castro British School has extended its range of extracurricular activities for its students, offering a wide... read more