Early Years visit Barosa Watermills

All Reception and Nursery classes went to Barosa to see how watermills work and we had the chance to learn more about it.... read more

Visit to the “Atlantic Islands” Museum

Last Wednesday, a group of Year 4 students visited the “Islas Atlánticas” Exhibition. The class was split into three groups to learn about... read more

“Out to sea: the plastic waste project”

Yesterday our Year 4 students paid a visit to the temporary exhibition “Out to sea: the plastic waste project” organized by the Barrié... read more

Getting ready for Fall!

Near the beginning of the Autumn season, our Year 2 pupils have developed a colourful project to welcome this beautiful season. Studying the... read more

Photosynthesis at the lab!

Last Wednesday, our Y8 students took a practical approach to photosynthesis. Relating theory to practice, they performed an experiment designed to enhance curriculum... read more

A day in Bergando Environmental farm school

Last Thursday, 5th of June, Year 5 students visited the Bergando Environmental farm School. In a beautiful rural setting, our students enjoyed a... read more