A New School Year Begins at O Castro British School

A new school year begins at O Castro British School. We have renewed our energy during the summer and we are looking forward... read more

Differentiation: Fundamental For The British Educational Model

Differentiation is a key concept for the British educational model. For this reason, at O Castro British School, our teachers plan to meet... read more

O Castro, the only Cambridge School in Galicia

In 2007, O Castro British School was the first and only British school in Galicia. It was certified by the National Association of... read more

International projection and cultural diversity at O Castro British School

Cultural diversity is a differentiating element of our school, but not only for the international profile of the teaching staff but also for... read more

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Last Friday, 9th June, O Castro British School Year 6 students had the opportunity to live one of the most special moments in... read more

O Castro´s very first IGCSE Geography Fieldwork

During the middle of May Year 10 Geography students, accompanied by Sra. Romera and Mr Hill, visited the Rio Tamuxe. The purpose of... read more

Microclimates at O Castro British School

Year 7 have been investigating the variety of microclimates that exist around the grounds of O Castro this week. This form of enquiry... read more

Year 8 Journalists

Recently, whilst investigating the relationship humans have with the natural environment, Year 8 were given a tricky challenge. They had to imagine that... read more

Geography is Going Places!

Students in Key Stage 3 have recently been given the opportunity to develop their mapping and communication skills. Following a delivery of Ordnance... read more


We are pleased to announce that, after hard work and a demanding inspection, Cambridge University has approved us as part of the Cambridge... read more