An OCBS student, finalist on Vigo’s interschool Speeling Bee

Last Friday, Salesianos Theater held Vigo’s 12th interschool spelling contests, in a marathon long event that ended at 22:30pm, due to the contestant’s... read more

Tres alumnos de O Castro British School, finalistas en la Competición de Arte de NACE Schools

O Castro British School educational community has always been aware of the artistic and creative talents of our students. Thus, the results achieved... read more

OCBS takes part in NACE’S III Academic Olimpics

Six Y9 and Y10 students from O Castro British School went last week to St. George´s English School in Bilbao, with our dear... read more

O Castro Debate Club Will Take Part In School Tournaments And Competitions

Words, ideas, reasoning, laughter, a lot of complicity and commitment… the combination of these elements led to the creation of O Castro British... read more

York Emerged Victorious in KS3 Sports Day thanks to Y8 and Y9 Victories

KS3 students celebrated their traditional Sports day last Monday. The event was marked by sportsmanship and great weather. In the morning, the students... read more

O Castro British School participates in the Maths Champions

On 17th February 2017 Year 1 were invited to attend a Maths Champions day at a local school in Vigo. They had lots... read more

Locker Contest

Over the past few weeks Secondary students at O Castro have been preparing themselves for a locker contest. The entrants were judged by... read more

More Than Twenty Students Take Part In The Finals Of The Contest ‘Sing With Us’

Last Tuesday, more than twenty KS2 and KS3 students took part in the finals of the singing contest ‘Sing with Us’. It was... read more

“Spelling Bee” 2016

On Friday 4th March 2 children from Y6 represented our school at the annual spelling bee hosted by Schoolhouse and held in Vigo.... read more

Registration for O Castro British School Sing With Us Contest is now open

O Castro British School opens registration for the second edition of the Sing With Us contest. The registration period runs from 25th January... read more