Visiting Radio Vigo

O Castro British School radio club students had the opportunity to visit Radio Vigo facilities in order to learn about the structure and... read more

Creativity Day: Science meets Art

A group of students from Year 4, 7 and 8 had a wonderful day doing some Science-Art. They boiled up some red cabbage... read more

Visiting “Radio Ser – Vigo”

Last week, Year 7 Radio Club students visited the facilities of “Radio Ser – Vigo” where they had the opportunity to attend a... read more

Trip to “Fundación Camilo José Cela”

Last Friday, 29th of May, the Year 6 students paid a visit to the “Camilo José Cela Foundation” in Iria Flavia (Padrón), where... read more

“Uke and the Leles” – O Castro Ukulele Band

On Tuesday, May 19th, the O Castro Ukulele Band played their first big concert, an outreach concert at Doralresidencias , a nursing home... read more

“Galician Literature Day Celebration”

In order to celebrate “Galician Literature Day”, our students prepared a number of popular stories which were performed last Friday. Some of the... read more

Trip “Baiona and Christopher Columbus”

Year 5 students recently enjoyed a trip to Baiona where they had the opportunity to visit the Spanish Caravel “Pinta” and the Museum... read more

Visit to the “Atlantic Islands” Museum

Last Wednesday, a group of Year 4 students visited the “Islas Atlánticas” Exhibition. The class was split into three groups to learn about... read more

“Magosto” – Chestnut Festival!

Last Friday, 14th of November, we celebrated our traditional “Magosto” (Chestnut Festival). As every year, lots of chestnuts were the protagonists. This year... read more

“Ocis Ukulele Band” great Premiere!

Last week and after barely two months of rehearsals, our young artists performed their first show…. Live! Such an important event needed an... read more