3rd Edition of The Sing With Us Song Contest

We all know that our students are young great artists, but in the 3rd Edition of the Sing With Us Song Contest they... read more

Year 9 Visit Madrid

Our Year 9 students have been on a trip to Madrid this week. They have visited the most popular landmarks in the city:... read more

Year 8 Travel to Burgos to Visit the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca

Year 8 went on a fantastic end of year school trip to Burgos in order to discover the archaeological site of Atapuerca. The... read more

Walking Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for Year 7

Last weekend, our year 7 students said goodbye to the school year 2016/2017 with an exciting school trip to walk a stretch of... read more

O Castro British School Book Fair

The assembly class of O Castro British School was transformed into a fantastic display of English books for a few days. During these... read more

Galician Literature Day Drawing Competition for Reception and Year 1

Reception and Year 1 took part in the 1st Galician Literature Day Drawing Competition. This year, Galician Literature Day was dedicated to Carlos... read more

UKe & The Leles To Perform at UKP Day in Ribadavia

One more year, O Castro British School ukulele band will be attending UKP Day in Ribadavia. The event is taking place at Rivadavia’s... read more

Margarita Cal Library Contains More Than 3,800 Volumes

The Margarita Cal Library, which is an everlasting tribute to our beloved teacher, contains more than 3,800 volumes. Thanks to the great work... read more

María Menéndez, Pupi Author, Visits Year 2 Students

María Menéndez, Pupi writer, has paid a visit to O Castro British School Year 2 students. Our students surprised the writer with letters... read more

Art Class at O Castro British School

Year 7´s are launching into their Term 3 project of “The Lion King”. They explored how animators for the Lion King characters looked... read more