The second best speaker in the world will train OCBS’ Debate Club

A few weeks ago we announced that O Castro British School’s Debate Club started with great energy and really eager to learn and grow through this Extra-curricular Activity. In... read more

Boosting Creativity With Lego®

At O Castro British School, we know that extracurricular activities are highly beneficial for the performance of our students. Extracurricular activities help students to organise their free time, they... read more

O Castro British School celebrates its Book Fair

O Castro British School’s Book Fair opened its doors one more year. This event, very expected by all the teaching community, confirms the atmosphere of passion for books and... read more

Celta de Vigo Football Players Sergi Gómez and Hjulsager Visit O Castro British School

O Castro British School kids enjoyed a very special visit yesterday: the Celta de Vigo players Sergi Gómez and Andrew Hjulsager, accompanied by Borja Oubiña. The context: a collaboration... read more

Art & Craft for Reception Students

At O Castro British School we believe that every child is unique and has its own identity. Every individual is born with a different talent. An example of this... read more