Year 2 visits Peinador Airport

Our Year 2 students went on an exciting trip to Peinador airport last week. The aim of the visit, which was organised by the Social Sciences department, was to... read more

Beach Cleaning Day

A group of families from O Castro British School took part in the beach clean-up campaign “1 metro cuadrado por las playas y los mares 2017” [1 square metre... read more

The School Goes Back To Normal After The Wildfires

We are happy to announce that the school will open again tomorrow Tuesday 17th October. Since the situation is back to normal, we can now guarantee the safety of... read more

Come Be A Part of Kini’s Pit Crew

Once again this year, O Castro British School cooperates actively in organising the 5th edition of the fundraising race: “Vigo Contra el Cáncer” [Vigo Against Cancer], an action that... read more

O Castro Debate Club Will Take Part In School Tournaments And Competitions

Words, ideas, reasoning, laughter, a lot of complicity and commitment… the combination of these elements led to the creation of O Castro British School Debate Club last year. We... read more