Board of Governors Presentations

On Friday October 25th our Board of Governors gave a presentation on British Education. This was the first of a number of presentations, which will be held every term, on education related topics of great interest for all the members of our School Community. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the new school´s cabinet: prestigious advisors who have joined the School Board. This Board of Governors, which is a novelty in our country, is a well established educational institution in Anglo-Saxon Countries.

Board 1

The event was opened by Mrs. Jane Williams, prestigious consultant for British Schools and Governor of OCIS. Her presentation “The teaching of English and Mathematics within the British System” offered us a very clear vision of the benefits of our learning methodology for the cognitive development of our pupils.

board 2

Following Mrs. Williams, Mr. John Carrivick, former director of Educational Services of the British Council and School Governor, took the floor. Under the title “The official approval and recognition process of the British Curriculum in Spain” Mr. Carrivick explained the approval and recognition protocols and exposed the diversity of options, inside and outside our country, granted by a British Secondary degree.

Our third speaker was Mr. Francisco Corbí, board member of NABSS and ACADE and Governor of OCIS. His presentation “Access to Spanish Universities from the British System” closed a very busy event in which both parents and teachers learnt about our common interest: education.

Board 3

At the end of the event and due to time constraints, some issues and questions were not undertaken. Therefore –and under Mrs Jane William and PTA members’ request - an open channel of communication via our web site will be enabled. This will be a space in which parents can leave their questions to be resolved by our consultants and, at the same time, make suggestions on topics that may be of their interest for upcoming meetings.

You can find in the download section of our website the videos of the presentations.


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